It’s just like a garden; roses, buds, and thorns…

The four of us all worked together well from the start, we are all quite laid back, but were happy to put the work in. I think the best part was having a smaller group. It was relatively easy to get the four of us in a room at the same time which also made it evident if one person wasn’t pulling their weight.

One ‘thorn’ would be that because we were all friends we would often get distracted and start discussing other topics rather than just the assessment. this was particularly stressful for me in Week 11 and 12 when I was leaving band rehearsal to meet up with the group but we made it work.

After our first presentation, we elected Lucy as our leader because she is the quietest, to make sure that she was being heard, and to keep us all on track. Lucy’s job was to delegate to all of us and have weekly goals. Luckily we are all pretty self-aware and took on jobs that made sense.

As the only music student I knew that I would not be any help in the design process so I took on the job of writing the speech. This included a little bit more research but the majority we had already collated from the first presentation.

I liked working on the speech because I got to lay it all out in a way that made sense to me and flowed on from each other, I had full faith in the other three to design the merch and the slideshow.  

We named our event Reviver Conference and here are some of the initial designs by Ash:

Come back next week to see the final design.

Ella 🙂


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